Bifacial Solar’s True Potential with JinkoSolar & NREL

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Bifacial Solar’s True Potential with JinkoSolar & NREL

Iris Hellas Φωτοβολταικά συστήματα
Δημοσιεύθηκε από TaiyangNews σε Φωτοβολταικά - Διεθνή · 6 Δεκέμβριος 2019
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Understanding bifacial PV’s true potential: TaiyangNews Webinar puts spotlight on performance modeling and field studies, technology innovation and technical bankability of bifacial PV projects

As demand for bifacial solar module technology is starting to pick up, there are still many questions about the real potential of bifacial solar and how to best utilize it.
The TaiyangNews webinar with JinkoSolar and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will provide background on how to design large-scale solar systems with bifacial PV modules the right way in order to achieve maximal benefits.
TaiyangNews will provide an overview of its upcoming Bifacial Solar2019 report, JinkoSolar will provide background for optimizing system design configuration, performance modelling and cost optimization, while NREL will show results of performance modelling, field studies and due diligence software modelling to better understand the technical bankability of bifacial PV projects.
  • Introduction
Michael Schmela, Managing Director TaiyangNews
  • Overview on Bifacial Solar Technology
Shravan K. Chunduri, Head of Technology, TaiyangNews
  • Design Optimization for Bifacial Solar Systems to Tap Its Full Potential
Roberto Murgioni, Technical Service Manager, JinkoSolar
  • Modelling & Reality – Understanding the Technical Bankability of Bifacial PV Projects
Chris Deline, Ph.D, Research Engineer,
Silvana Ayala Pelaez, Ph.D, Researcher,
Photovoltaic Performance and Reliability Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

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