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The panel and the city

US researchers have investigated how rooftop PV systems may affect air and building temperature in urban environments and, conversely, how the urban heat island (UHI) effect may have a negative impact on PV system performance. Their work considered urban air temperature, urban air pollution, the partial shading of the PV system, soiling, building heating and cooling loads, and outdoor shade.
PV Magazine | 01 Φεβ 2022

European Green Deal: Commission proposes to boost renovation and decarbonisation of buildings

The Commission has proposed today to align the rules for the energy performance of buildings with the European Green Deal and decarbonise the EU's building stock by 2050. This proposal will facilitate the renovation of homes, schools, hospitals, offices and other buildings across Europe to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills, improving quality of life for millions of Europeans. Today's revision of the energy performance of buildings directive translates the Commission's Renovation Wave Strategy into concrete legislative action.
EU | 16 Δεκ 2021

Natural Gas is not a transitional fuel, so let’s stop saying it is

Instead of being promoted as “transitional fuel”, gas could be better described as a fuel of last resort, with the caveat that it is not the only one: other technologies are advancing into the balancing role for the power systems, writes Julian Popov.
Julian Popov is a Fellow of the European Climate Foundation, Chairman of the Building Performance Institute Europe, former Minister of Environment and Water of Bulgaria.
EURACTIV | 10 Δεκ 2021

Goodbye gas: heat pumps will be the cheapest green heating option for consumers

The urgency of the challenge to mitigate the climate crisis will force all of us to change how we heat our homes: away from polluting sources like gas to greener and more efficient alternatives. According to a new study released by BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation) today, heat pumps will be the cheapest green heating option for consumers. They will be both more affordable and convenient for consumers than hydrogen, which is the only other non-fossil fuel solution.

What seawater and salt spray can do to a PV system

Researchers in China have analyzed how the marine environment influences the performance of PV modules deployed on ships, and have found that salt particles can be detrimental to their performance as these act as both heating agents and a factor reducing solar irradiance. The temporary cooling effect provided by seawater is not sufficient to offset the impacts of salt spray and ensure increased power yields.
PV Magazine | 09 Σεπ 2021
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